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Every service begins with a thorough inspection of the property. This ensures that you have all the information needed to move forward with us to resolve your wildlife issues. We cannot provide an accurate estimate nor quote without a proper assessment of the wildlife issue. Contact us today to schedule your property inspection.


NOTE: Oklahoma Wildlife Control®, L.L.C., is a nuisance & predatory wildlife solutions and service company, with a number of specialties such as Urban Coyote Control, Urban Beaver Control, Professional Bat Remediation, Structural Exclusion & Proofing, Honey Bee Removal, Etc. However, O.W.C. is not an animal rescue organization nor an insect pest extermination company. If you have problems with domestic cats and dogs, we suggest that you contact your local animal shelter for assistance. Thank you.

Click here for a full listing of our services and see below for our clients' most frequently needed services.

Exclusions & Damage Repair
A bachelor colony of big brown bats in a gable vent.

We get the wildlife out of your structures and keep them out. With a 3 year warranty for bats and honey bees, and a 5 year warranty for all other wildlife species.

Wildlife Trapping & Removal
Coyote removed for depredation on livestock & pets..

We provide a professional trapping service for predators, beaver, etc to control population numbers and prevent losses to your property, pets, livestock and poultry.

Canada Geese Management
Canada Geese

We provide egg addling services to reduce the numbers of offspring as well as capture and relocation of Canada Geese in accordance with Federal and State Statutes.

Property Management & Propagation
Feral Hogs

We provide services to increase game species populations as well as services for reducing crop depredation issues, habitat modifications and improvements.

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